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Egyptian Amber & Eucalyptus

Notes: woody, amber, musk

Our special blend of woody aroma mixed with amber and the earthy tree oil(eucalyptus) sets a tone of relaxed stillness. Creating the perfect whine down aroma.


Vetiver & Chill

Notes: lemongrass, citronella, musk

Our special blend of lemongrass and the sensuous feel of suede combined with the aromatherapy that Vetiver gives off creates this beautiful aroma. Vetiver is sometimes inhaled for nervousness, insomnia and joint and muscle pain.


Clean Linen & Lavender

Notes: lemon, powder, musk, lilac

Our special blend of zesty lemons and warm powder musk create a warm laundry tumbled scent with a modern twist of added wild lavender.


Maican Me Crazy

Notes: ripe pineapple, succulent melon, and creamy coconut

Our special blend of fruits and rum create this fun fruity scent with a hint of vanilla. Ideal for spring or summer.


Black Currant Tea & Cool Citrus Basil

Notes: Bergamot, Black Tea, Lemon, Basil

Our special blend of citrus, herbs and black tea mixed with subtle floral overtones and bergamot creates this refined scent that has turned this aroma into our best seller.


Mahogany Linen-

Notes: Sweet Almond, Shea, Cocunut, Fresh Linen

Our special blend of nutty aromas and crisp fresh linen create a warm blanket feel of earthy and warm notes with the crispness of fresh laundry. This blend of woody and cozy fragrances is perfect to kick off all your fall season traditions.

Room Spray


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